Reliable and Affordable Body Corporate Cleaning Services in Melbourne

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When it comes to managing residential properties, few things can make life easier than having a reliable body corporate cleaning solution to take care of everything. Most body corporate managers rely on recommended vendors when it comes to building maintenance or cleaning services.


However, it is always important to ensure that you find a comprehensive solution that leaves you with more time on your hands for other matters on your schedule.


If you work with a body corporate in Melbourne and are looking for a reliable and professional cleaning service, look no further than to Australis Property Care. As we work with a number of clients who run or manage a body corporate, our team members will always be able to help address your specific needs.


Often, most clients in body corporate look out for a through the line cleaning solution and we can handle your requirements from start to finish. This can include specific services such as steam carpet cleaning or even window washing, however, we are also able to assist by providing you with one-off services, depending on when the need arises.

Expert body corporate cleaning and maintenance services

It all depends on the specifics of your property, and our professionals are always happy to consult with you in greater detail.


We provide a comprehensive range of body corporate cleaning services and this includes hard waste removal for outgoing tenants from your premises.


Our team is comprised of experienced and thorough professionals who focus on providing an efficient and timely service that our clients can continue to rely on.


When it comes to getting the job done, you can trust us to deliver a consistently reliable standard.

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Body corporate cleaners and total cleaning solutions

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It is both cost and time effective to consider a long-term solution to managing a residential property.


When it comes to a forecast of calendar services for a body corporate, plenty can be arranged for ahead of time.


When you consult with us at Australis Property Care, you’ll find that we strive to put our experiences towards giving you body corporate cleaning services that pay attention to all your organisation’s needs.

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Whether for a specific service, or to enquire about an ongoing arrangement, call in for a consultation with us today.


Our team members at Australis Property Care are always ready to receive new enquiries, and will be happy to consult with you at (03) 9574 2236, or if you write in to us at

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