Exceptional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

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Office managers will know how the upkeep of a commercial space can often be laborious or tedious to maintain. It’s no wonder how so many office managers and business owners don’t think twice about finding help with the cleaning and maintenance of their commercial premises.

If you are among countless office managers or business owners in Melbourne who seek commercial carpet cleaning services, know that help is just a phone call away with the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions we provide at Australis Property Care.

We take every job from start to finish, with professional expertise drawn from over 35 years of being in this business.

Relied on across Melbourne for the high-standard of our cleaning services

We operate all over Melbourne with a clientele spanning a wide variety of industry profiles. No matter the type of commercial premises you operate in, ours is a thorough service that applies years of experience to make short work of any floor plan or office set up.


When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, what we guarantee is not just the experience, but also the latest in technology to ensure that no corner is left untreated and that you will return to office carpeting that looks, smells and feels like you’ve just moved into a new tenancy.


Plenty of our customers have been thrilled to also learn that we can provide office painting, as well as window washing to complete any need for a total office cleaning job.

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Set and forget commercial carpet cleaning services

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With us, it’s as simple. Our friendly team are always ready to provide expert recommendations to our clients as a first point of contact.


Our expert cleaning technicians then follow up to complete any client consultation by providing a through the line retail cleaning service that ensures that your office carpet cleaning task is completed exactly the way you’d expect.


Be sure to ask about our building maintenance and waste removal services that we provide. You never know how either of these could supplement your need for a reliable service that makes maintaining and cleaning your commercial spaces a breeze.

Start your office carpet cleaning journey today

Simply call through to our friendly professionals at (03) 9574 2236 for an obligation free consultation.


If you prefer, you can also write to us at info@australispropertycare.com to find out more about how we can provide a comprehensive office carpet cleaning service that you will never have to rethink.

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