You’re losing money each minute your staff sit idle. Missing deadlines, tender submissions or critical customer or supplier communications due to an outage is not uncommon. Often, months of hard work can be lost because the IT person took too long to respond.

Say goodbye to all these problems with our Managed IT Services. We eliminate the frustration and provide proactive advice and management of your business IT needs. This service comes with our signature 5-minute guaranteed response time.

Australis Propery Care Managed IT Services provides you with everything your business needs to ensure maximum security and productivity from your IT systems.

Experienced managed IT services for exceptional results every time

With years of experience servicing the commercial industry, we are highly experienced in all of the services we provide.


From VoIP, to Advanced troubleshooting and Service management, we do it all. Give our friendly team a call today to discuss what we can do for you and find out about our competitive pricing. It is our aim to provide an all over service for our clients, which is why we provide so many different solutions to your needs. Our clients are very important to us and we always strive to go above and beyond for each and every job.


Our staff are highly trained and keep up with the latest innovations to ensure the best services every time. We prioritise safety at every step of the process, ensuring that we meet the industry standards in everything we do. You can count on Australis Property Care to provide your business with the best managed IT services you can find.


Discover more about our Melbourne-based managed IT services today

Call our amazing customer service staff to get a quote specific to your needs, with competitive pricing. We are available at all times to avoid disruption to your workspace and can work to your deadlines where necessary. We'd love to speak with you about your needs and see how we can help you with your window frosting and other requirements.


You can call us on (03) 9701 1613 or email us at If you have plans or details you would like to share, please send this via our customer contact form.

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