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Australis Property Care is an industry leader in office cleaning across Melbourne. We’ve been going above and beyond for clients for over a decade and know that being a great service provider means having total confidence in the people providing those services.

We are proud to have the best professionals in the industry working with us and for you. Our priority is providing personalised service at competitive rates and ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. At Australis, we are always striving to meet and go beyond our clients’ expectation. It is why we are one of the leading commercial cleaning contractors for offices and workplaces across Melbourne. So, give us a call today for a quote

A comprehensive range of commercial services

from our expert cleaners

At Australis Property Care, we have a wide range of expertise to ensure we’re the only team you need. You can rely on us for big and small one-off jobs, as well as scheduled, regular services to keep your office in top shape, at economical prices.


Our expertise covers:

Experienced, expert office and commercial cleaners for Melbourne businesses

Australis Property Care provides affordable services to offices and commercial properties throughout Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Dandenong, Richmond, Clayton, Cheltenham, Brighton, Malvern, Camberwell, Glen Waverley, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Mulgrave, and almost everywhere in the surrounding metropolitan area.


Our cleaners are highly trained and work to the exacting standards of Australis Property Care. Our team has been screened with a police check to ensure your safety, and that of your property, at all times.

What to expect when you work with Australis Property Care

You can trust Australis Property Care for custom cleaning solution at competitive prices. Our staff are trained according to best practice and are available 24/7 for commercial cleaning in workplaces and offices across Melbourne. Any time of the day, any day of the week – Australis Property Care can help!

A total 360º cleaning process


  1. We start with a site inspection to determine the scope of the project.

  2. Establish objectives and provide a quotation based on the inspection.

  3. Create security protocols based on client requirements.

  4. Regular inspections for continued quality and compliance


Safe and eco-friendly cleaning detergents


We strive for safety in everything we do and ensure the products we use are safe for clients and the environment. There are many advantages to using eco-friendly cleaning products, including prevention of occupational asthma, ensuring compliance with OH&S and GECA standards, and ISO certification.


Eco-friendly detergents do not have:


  • plasticisers and BPA that accumulate in aquatic sediments and become toxic to microbes and other marine animals.

  • bacteria-killing compounds and antibacterial agents harmful to animals.

  • surfactants (foaming agents) that can be toxic even after diluting in the wastewater treatment process.

  • endocrine disrupting chemicals that can affect the reproductive systems of marine animals.


Additionally, we implement a number of measures to maintain our safety standards, including:


If you would like more information about our high quality work and experienced services, please contact Australis Property Care today. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and explore the available options. Call us today on (03) 9574 2236 or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon we can.


You can also provide complete details of your requirements by using our quote form below.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the last date for entries?

The last date for entries is the Friday before the event.

How do I get my Race number?

Race numbers will be posted out. These should be with you by Monday 11th January 2021

I am ill injured or unable to run, what can I do?

You can defer your entry to any other Inspire Races event of a similar price. Please email with the race details you would like to defer to.

Can I swap my place with a friend?

You can transfer your place up to two weeks prior to the event.

Do you have a waiting list?

No, once all 1500 places are gone we will close registration.

Can I wear earphones or use an ipod?

The road is closed to all traffic, therefore earbuds, headphones can be worn

Is there a cut-off time for your events?

We have a cut off time of 1hour for the 5k

How do I enter Inspire races events?

Enter via the links on the Inspire Races website.

What is the last date for deferrals and category transfers?

Deferrals and category changes can be done up to two weeks prior to the event.

Where do I pick up my t-shirt?

T-shirts will be posted out after the event.

Where can I put my bag and/or clothing I don’t want during the race?

There will be no bag drop for the 2021 event due to covid-19

What time does my Race start?

5K Start Time is 09.45am 10k start Time is 10.30am

What time do I need to get there?

You will need to be there an hour and a half before race start

Are there any refreshments?

The snetterton race circuit café will be open.

Where are the drinks stations?

Drink stations are only at the finish for 2021.

Where can I collect my race pack?

Race packs to be collected from race registration on the day.

Are there any entries on the day?

Entries will be available on the day at an increased price if there is availability. Please check the website to see if event is sold out.

What happens if I arrive late and miss the start of the race?

It is chip timed so we will allow you to start if you are no later than 2minutes late to the start. Your position will be determined by the gun time.

Where is the Chip in the Race Pack?

The timing tag needs to be attached to your shoe on race day using the ties provided.

Is parking available near the start?

Parking is available near the start. It is a 5 minute walk from registration.

On arrival?

On arrival please make your way to the registration area at the far end of the venue. Collect your race number if you have not requested postage.

Do you have a bag drop area?

Bag drop is at the garages in the paddock.

Do I get a medal?

Yes, you will get a medal.

Will there be an award ceremony?

There will be an award ceremony for the age category winners.

What if I need to change my address?

Please log back into your registration using your email address and password you supplied, this will need to be completed two weeks prior to race day.

What happens if I have lost my password or can’t login to Active Network?

Please contact Active Network help desk, they will be able to help.

Is the route suitable for wheelchair competitors?

Yes, it is.

How many laps is the 10k and 5k?

The race circuit is just under 5km in length. Therefore the 5k race is 1 lap and the 10k is 2 laps

Where are the nearest train stations?

For directions and stations please copy and paste this link 2JG

Are there showers and toilets en route?

There will be access to toilets on route and we have showers at the venue.

Are there any entries on the day?

If the event has not sold out there will be entries on the day

Where is the best place to watch the race?

There are a number of good viewing areas around the course, including grandstands

Will there be entertainment on site?

There will be a live DJ, plus bands.

Are there refreshments available?

There is a café on site that has it’s own children’s play area.

Is the route suitable for wheelchair spectators?

Yes it is as there is good access to most areas.

Are dogs allowed?

Only guide dogs are permitted on site

What measures do you have in place due to Covid-19

With exclusive use of the site, we will be offering a safely adapted event experience with a reduced capacity.

We are carefully revising detailed event plans – from getting there to going home. We know we have plenty of space and a nice wide track. Therefore, if we all follow the guidelines, we should have a fun safe event.

How do we get into the venue

On arrival please stop at the booths at end of the main drive in and present your active/Snetterton Racetrack confirmation and QR Code. Everyone in the car must have one of these to get into the venue. If you are a guardian or helper of a competitor you will need to register as a guardian/helper here. This is for the purposes of track and trace.

Will there be a mass start?

No, there will be smaller socially distanced wave starts. These will go off at 3 minute intervals. The race will start with fastest paced runners first.

Will there be a need to wear masks?

Masks will always be required to be worn until you enter onto the track to start your race. Bins will be available here to discard masks.

How will the waves be allocated?

Waves will be allocated based on pace; runners are required to submit an estimated finish time when entering online and will be grouped according to pace. Runners are advised not to make any assumptions or travel plans until the schedule is communicated early December.

What do I do if I want to run with someone in particular?

If you expect to run with a friend and/or family members, please ensure you submit the same expected finish time(s) and that you maintain appropriate distancing at all times during the event both in accordance with current guidelines and in a way that doesn't inhibit the ability of other runners to do the same.

Can I enter on the day?

Entries close at 07:00 Thursday 14th January- ‪no late entries or on the day entries will be available. For these late entries. You can collect these from garage one on the day.

What happens when I arrive?

Once you have arrived you will be checked in at the booths before parking. Ensure everyone in the car has a valid Confirmation QR code, this is on your confirmation email.

Your race pack should be with you by Monday 11th January 2021. If you have not received your bib number by this date, please email,

You will need to arrive ready to run with your race number fastened to the front of your top using the safety pins provided; your number should always be visible.

Your race will be timed, and the chip attached to the back of your number should not be removed or bent.

If you need to collect your number please present yourself to one of the garages, ensure you have your confirmation email with you

Where do I park?

There are designated race carparks at the venue - parking will be between 5 to 10 minutes from the race start area.

Do I collect my pack on the day?

Your race pack will be posted out to you. Once you have come through the entry booths, Just present yourself to your start area zone 5 minutes before your start time, please arrive ready to run with your race number fastened to the front of your top, your number should be visible at all times. Your race will be timed, and the chip attached to the back of your number should not be removed or bent.

Will there be sanitisation points available?

Yes, sanitisation points will be located frequently along the one way system to the start line.

Is there a bag drop facility?

Bag drop will not be provided due to the event trying to minimise contact where possible, please arrive ready to run. Any personal items not required during the event should be left at home, in your vehicle.

Plans for critical items needed immediately before the start or at the finish will be communicated on the 11th January

What if I do not receive my pack in time?

Your race pack should be with you by Monday 11th January 2021. If you have not received your bib number by this date, please email, Allowing us time to make up a new race pack.

What if I need help on the day?

Once you have arrived you will enter a socially distanced one-way system taking you via enquiries where a member of the race day team will be able to help you.

If it’s possible to resolve prior to race day, please email

Will I be able to socially distance during the race?

The entirety of the route follows the wide Snetterton circuit, starting grids, pit lanes and the surrounding service road with plenty of space available. This, and the spread out release of runners over the start line, means there will be more than enough capacity for runners to move at a safe distance from one another, with room for any overtaking.

Will I be able to overtake along the route?

Yes. The entirety of the route follows the wide Silverstone circuit and the surrounding service roads with plenty of space available. This, and the spread out release of runners over the start line, means there will be more than enough capacity for runners to move at a safe distance from one another, with room for any overtaking.

Will there be water stations along the route?

To ensure the event is contact-free please be self-sufficient and bring what you will need to refuel and hydrate along the route. Self-serve grab-and-go water stations with a limited supply of sealed bottles of water will be on the route if required for essential needs.

Are spectators allowed?

Spectators are not allowed this year due to the strict guidance that Snetterton Race Circuit follows regarding these events during this time.

I have a junior running.

You can accompany a junior if you are their guardian. You will need to register from the website. This is free register.

Do I still get a medal with COVID-safe, contact-free measures in place?

Yes, once you have crossed the finish line you will have a moment to recover before joining the one-way exit and medal lane to pick up your medal. It is expected that runners will return straight to their vehicles after finishing.